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Coach Springer, originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has his B.S in Exercise Physiology-Sports Medicine at East Stroudsburg University. With a desire to mentor young athletes, as well as professional athletes, he quickly pursued internships with various professional sports organizations. Coach Springer also worked within the Washington Redskins organization from 1999-2005. Springer continued his career in private, personal training in the Washington D.C. area by starting his own business SPRINGFIT in 1993. Springfit Personal Training and Wellness has been successfully training clients from the novice to the elite professional athlete for over 24 years. A swimmer who achieved All-American status, a baseball player and a collegiate football player, Coach Springer realized he was most influential in the training and mentoring of athletes, inspiring them to reach their maximum potential and encouraging them to strive for their highest goals. He has been developing and increasing athletes’ speed, agility, power, strength, and endurance where hard work always beats talent. In 2006, Coach Springer saw the need to specialize more. He started a division of Springfit called Springfit Performance to assist his daughter’s and other athletes in soccer, swimming, volleyball, baseball and football reach peak performance. Coach Springer not only promotes fitness and wellness, he believes in incorporating nutritional education and injury prevention to inspire and educate clients.

Coach Springer is affiliated with the following: American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and American Alliance for Health Recreation and Dance. Other professional teams Coach Springer has worked with are the Buffalo Bills & Phoenix Suns.

Barbara Nicolini

Barbara has played big role in fitness and health from a young age growing up in Cancun, Mexico. Barbara was always playing sports with her 5 bothers at an early age, very competitive on swimming, gymnastic and martial arts.

She became a personal assistant for personal trainers since 1996 helping people to get in shape and healthy, including people with disabilities; her passion for helping athletes and people in general is her priority in life, educating herself with specialists in nutrition health and fitness.


Barbara moved to USA on 2001 with her 3 children ( and one on the way )  and later became a proud USA citizen in 2009.


In 2017 She join Springfit because they have the same culture and mission as I do which it is to improve others by achievement their health and fitness goals.




Ashley is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a graduate of the Maryland University of Integrative Health with a Masters in Nutrition Science and Integrative Health. Ashley recognizes that the foundation of health is what we eat and our dietary choices can either steer us towards health or away from it. She helps her clients reach their goals and achieve wellness by providing a personalized approach to nutrition therapy. Ashley considers all aspects of a client’s lifestyle when creating a realistic nutrition plan that can include meal planning, grocery shopping tours, supplement recommendations, nutrition education and cognitive behavior strategies. She is also experienced in giving workshops and cooking demos on topics related to nutrition and integrative health.

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